AMBER 600-615nm

LEDs International, amber LED, L15WAY25
Received 02-20-07, tested 03-29-07
This is a 5mm round LED in a water-clear epoxy case. It produces a WIDE-ANGLE circular beam; the lens-end is noticeably shorter than the same part on regular 5mm LEDs.

I attempted to take a beam photograph, but as you can see, I met with limited success.

Measures 2,000mcd at a drive current of 19.28mA.
Viewing angle appears to be ~120.
This is a wide-angle LED, and if I've told you once, I've told you 100 times:
Wider viewing angles always, always, ALWAYS equal lower mcd values!!!!!!!!!

Spectrographic plot
Spectrographic analysis of this LED.
Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer on loan from WWW.TWO-CUBED.COM.

Roithner Lasertechnik, amber LED, LED600-03V
Received on 12-29-04, tested on 01-01-05
A fan of the website sent me a couple of these lamps, along with several other types of LEDs and several flashlights in late-December 2004.

This is a 5mm round LED in a water-clear epoxy case. What's unusual about this LED is the wavelength: it has a dominant wavelength (where you would point to on a color chart) of 600nm, which is a distinct orangish amber color.

Measures 2,640mcd at a drive current of 25.5ma.
Light is less reddish than it appears in this photograph.
Viewing angle appears to be 25-30

Radio Shack part # 276-301, $1.29
This Radio Shack piece is an ordinary looking LED in a clear, T1 3/4 package. When lit up, it produces a narrow, yellowish-amber beam with good brightness characteristics. It is uncomfortable to stare into directly.
Its color is a little oranger than most of the yellow models sampled above, but quite a bit more yellow than the yellowest orange model (the HP HLMP-DJ24) it was compared with. It could very easily be placed in the "yellow" category.

When shone at a distant target, it produces a distinctly square spot with a dark circle in the center. This pattern is typical of the very narrow-beam LEDs; the beam in this one is probably only five or six degrees wide; not counting the much dimmer, slightly orangish outer ring. It's beam is a little too narrow to use in things like keychain flashlights, so I'm not exactly certain these were made for.

Beam profile for this Odo amber Radio Shack.
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