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Digital Signage
ADI are one of the world's leading names in LED screen technology. We offer some of the world's most innovative solutions for permanent installation and hire, servicing some of the world's leading brands and events.

Billboard advertising
Independent outdoor advertising agency UK. Billboard advertising, bus shelter advertising, bus, train and tram advertising, big screen digital advertising.

The World's Most Comprehensive Source of Electronic Component Datasheets and Distributor Pricing!

3 Watt Prolite Lantern
HALO Branded Solutions is one of the nation’s largest distributors of promotional products. A promotional product is any product on which a company’s logo or marketing message can be displayed, including mugs, pens, T-shirts, bags, calendars, hats and a multitude of other items. HALO is the largest “full-service” promotional products distributor in the country, meaning that we offer company stores and fulfillment services, overseas importing and online tools to our clients

TerraLUX Illumination
TerraLUX Illumination designs and manufactures easy-to-integrate LED modules—containing our industry leading technology—for lighting manufacturers, retailers, designers & specifiers. Our technology drives real business performance for customers including shorter times to market, significantly reduced engineering effort for LED integration, increased profitability, and easy product line extensions leveraging our smart circuitry built into each module and component we manufacture.

This is a novelty company who specializes in glow products that are great for lighting all types of events including night golf, weddings, parties, and more.

TerraLUX Illumination
TerraLUX Illumination designs and manufactures easy-to-integrate LED modules—containing our industry leading technology—for lighting manufacturers, retailers, designers & specifiers. Our technology drives real business performance for customers including shorter times to market, significantly reduced engineering effort for LED integration, increased profitability, and easy product line extensions leveraging our smart circuitry built into each module and component we manufacture.

Billboard Advertising
Independent outdoor advertising agency UK. Billboard advertising, bus shelter advertising, bus, train and tram advertising, big screen digital advertising.

LED Screen Hire
ADI are one of the world's leading names in LED screen technology. We offer some of the world's most innovative solutions for permanent installation and hire, servicing some of the world's leading brands and events.

Nemalux LED Lighting
A new, upstart manufacturer that offers a very wide range of LED luminaires & lamps -- many of them certified for use in hazardous environments where conventional (incandescent, fluorescent, HID, etc.) lighting is forbidden!

Modern Lighting Concepts
Stylish LED lighting applications for your home or office. We sell to end users and "to the trade" and can connect you with cost saving incentive programs.

West Midland Electrics
A wide range of electrical products such as Lighting & Switches, Chandeliers, Led Bulbs, Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems, Showers & More are available online at the WME Store.
Makers of unique Spectrafill broadband red, green, and blue LEDs that allow for far more accurate color reproduction than traditional RGB or discrete red, green, and blue LEDs can provide.

Powergate, LLC
Power Supplies and DC-DC Converters from Mean Well, Traco Power, Cincon, Cosel, Protek, N2Power and more at the best prices with a USA Warehouse.

Rigao Technology
Rechargeable cells & batteries for your laptop computer, notebook computer, flashlight, LED lighting and so on.

Christmas Lights Etc™
Where you can find LED Christmas lights and pre-lit LED Christmas trees.

ELECTRON.COM - LEDs, Peltier Modules and other Components
ELECTRON.COM - Your source for LEDs, Peltier Modules and other Components.

LED Tape (yes, a different entity!!!)
Another UK-based supplier of LED tape.

Just another WordPress site.

LED Aware
Bringing you the latest updates of LED Lights.

Bright LED
LED news from across the "pond".

LED Tape
LED Tape.
They specialize in high quality RGB full color LED lights (color changing LED lights), flexible LED lighting (LED strips and LED ribbons), LED drivers, LED power supply options, DMX LED decoders, Arduino/Micro Controller LED Controllers, and LED modules. They also offer their extensive knowledge for your custom LED lights and LED DIY projects.
A rather sizeable repository of information -- this website may answer a lot of your questions about these little miracles of quantum physics!!!

Light Enhancing Designs LED Kits
Easy-to-install LED kits to enhance furniture such as raised couches or tables; liquor bottle display lighting; bar lighting to give your bar that modern feel and under counter lighting. You may also use them in locations such as behind TVs or monitors to reduce eye strain and under railings to light up dark stairways or pathways in your bar.
LED Signs

Marktech Opto
Manufacturers and resellers of all kinds of nifty LED lamps and other optoelectronic devices.

LED Pre-Lit Christmas Trees features an online variety of artificial Christmas trees including LED pre-lit Christmas trees.

Directory of really cool stuff
All kinds of cool (or "kool" or "kewl") websites can be found here.
This link is here as part of a link exchange program; not all websites on are LED-related.

LED Christmas Lights
Online retailer of energy saving LED Christmas lights.

LuminosityLED™ is your connection to high performance, highly efficient, environmentally safe, brilliant solid state lighting solutions. Here you will find a broad diversity of LED lighting products to fit your every need, no matter the application you are looking for. Unlike many products in the industry, our products have been ETL and/or UL certified.

High channel count DMX dimmer packs for LEDs
Celestial Audio's web page about using LEDs on DMX controllers.
DMX is the type of system that DJs use to synchronise music and light.

Enviromental LED
Fantastic selection of LED products can be found here!!!
They use diode lasers to help regrow hair.

Rave Stuff
Sellers of totally awesome "Raver's" LED products!

Hiline Exciting Lighting
RGB LED Flexible Strip.

Website in French (English version to come soon) about LEDs.
If you do not understand French, run it through the translation matrix of your choosing (I suggest Babelfish) for this purpose.

Super Bright LED Lamps
Low energy Super Bright LED's lamps including GU10 light bulbs from 1 watt to 9 watt available to buy online from The Solar Wind Power Centre.

GaAs Photodiodes & Low Cost VCSEL
Where you can find GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) photodiodes and low cost VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser diodes).
Fabless manufacturer of high speed, low cost, 10G, GaAs photodiodes and InGaAs photodiodes for the fiber optic communication industry.

Candlepower Forums Lifeline
Use this to read about/discuss things when CPF itself is offline.
An online magazine catering to those who like electronics and LED stuff.

Enchanted Fireflies
LED "fireflies" that can be used both indoors & outdoors.

New white LED phosphor chemistry
A new phosphor chemistry for white LEDs promises more stable operation over long durations.
A set of fora about flashlights.

Candlepower Forums ''MySpace'' Site
I honestly don't know what MySpace is for, but Candlepower Forums now has a home there.

CML Innovative Technologies
Website that has a lot of items, including a good number of LED ones.

Opto-Component Solutions Guide
Catalogue/book about LEDs and other optical components, by Lumex.

Page about LED lifetimes. Rather interesting read.

''Newbie's'' LED Website
Information about electronics, LEDs, and LED flashlights.

Orb Optronix
Orb Optronix is the Pacific Northwest leader in optical-electrical system design and integration. They specialise in imaging and illumination component design services as well as complex customised optical-electronic test system design and integration. When electronic, mechanical and software considerations impact optical performance, companies turn to Orb as the resource for total system solutions.
Website & forum for laser enthusiasts ("laserists").
Forum for the discussion of various Lucent Optics lasers.
Also includes a gallery for user photographs of their own Lucent lasers in action.
A free internet archive for electronic component datasheets.
Provides searchable database of electronic component datasheets and data books. Allows browsing and includes photographs.

Nebula Lighting Systems
Nebula Lighting Systems manufactures, services, and installs LED lighting. Our system is designed specifically for pool and patio screen enclosures.

Where you can go to find top-quality LED lighting for home & commercial use. Wide range of colors and applications.

A free online energy-savings calculator to help you determine when the breakeven point is between the cost of LED lights and their electrical savings is also available at

LEDs Magazine
An online magazine guessed it...LEDs!
Labelled as being "the industry's leading source for news and information."

LEDs... A Bright Idea
A website dedicated to the topics of advancing LED lighting technology as an essential step in solving the world's energy crisis, and much more.

Laser Pointer Forums
BBS-style discussion group about red, yellow, green, and blue laser pointers.
Industrial LED

Industrial LED lights for industrial power plants and utilities. Incandescent lamp and bulb replacements.
Custom LED

Data Display Products designs and develops LED lamps, panel lights, and board-level indicators to provide primary status indication and backlighting of switches, lenses and legends.
LEDDIE'S Niche Guide to LEDlightenment.
A web store where you can find LED-based flashing lights, strobes, and similar.

Alan Parekh's Electronic Projects Store
An online store where you can purchase LEDs and (as of 02-18-06) a stair lighting project using LEDs. This is a brand spanken new store, so it will grow as time progresses.

Wholesale lighting suppliers
Trade directory of lighting wholesalers, importers, distributors, manufacturers, dropshippers and wholesale suppliers in the UK.

Where you can get yellow, green, and blue DPSS lasers of high quality; and with green DPSS lasers, high power outputs too. You can also purchase laser display systems here too.
RGB DPSS Laser Projectors, Handheld lasers, Club laser systems.

Frenchyled's Corner
Photographs from FrenchyLED's rather impressive flashlight collection.

Illuminance Conversion
Website with online conversions to and from various light measurement units.

Ningbo Flying Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and designer specialized in LED area in China. The products cover LED Lamps, LED Displays, Dot Matrices, Light Bars, Outdoor Lamp Clusters and LED applications.

A "master list" of all of the different flashlight-related fora (the correct plural of "forum"), flashlight reviews websites, places to purchase flashlights, and the like.
Information about tightening the beams of LED flashlights by using a Fresnel lens.
Information related to battery-less "shake flashlights".

LED Grow-Master
Where you can find LED grow lights for plants; made specifically for that purpose.

Flashlight Talk Forum
BBS-style discussion group about LEDs, LED and regular flashlights, modifying flashlights to make them better, and other related topics.

Flashlight Forums
BBS-style discussion group about LEDs, LED and regular flashlights, modifying flashlights to make them better, and other related topics.
Created when Candlepower Forums was temporarily taken offline.
An online magazine about LEDs and some products made with them.
A new website that showcases what's new in LED technology.

Candlepower Forums Marketplace
BBS-style discussion group/BST forums about buying things like LEDs, LED and regular flashlights, lasers, etc.

Candlepower Forums
BBS-style discussion group about LEDs, LED and regular flashlights, batteries, modifying flashlights to make them better, and other related topics.
A real goldmine of information - you won't regret a visit here.

Candlepower Forums Wiki
A user-maintained encyclopedia of information related to flashlights, lasers, batteries, and other articles discussed on Candlepower Forums.
High-intensity video illuminators using LEDs.

A smaller LED video light.
Retailer of quality LED flashlights and headlamps at low prices.

Xenopus Electronix
Makers of high-output UV and NUV LED flashlights. White LED, blue LED, and infrared LED flashlights are also available.

Outdoor Christmas Lights
Information on outdoor Christmas lights as well as tips, safety and troubleshooting.
Not all light sets on this website are LED-based, but some are.

LED Lights Australia & Worldwide
LED Lights Australia and Worldwide - An online shop selling LED lights including bulbs, torches, headlamps, car and trailer lights and more.

Gizmology's Notes On LEDs
Gizmology's web page about LEDs. Contains useful diagrams, color descriptions, and mathematical formulae for using LEDs.

Candelas <-> Lumen Conversion Program
A Windows computer program that will convert candelas to lumens with a reasonable degree of accuracy.
Requires vbrun32.dll to be present on your computer - most computers have this .dll already.
LED light panels you can put on cameras, desktops, walls, etc.
UK resellers of LED light bulbs.
Also resellers of the Prolight 1W, 3W, and 5W LED emitters.

SciLux Artistic Lighting and Design
Artistic LED lighting bases for crystal, portraits, signs, etc., plus some other unique LED lighting devices.

Future Electronics
Where you can find those elusive Luxeon Star LEDs, among other things.

Millicandela Forums
A BBS-style forum for flashlights under 500,000mcd in intensity.

The Glow Bug
Here you can find a great selection of LED flashlights.
Their newest website is
They attempt to spotlight products that really consider the human interface and are designed to work simply and work well.

Richmond Controls
Resellers of white LEDs for model railroad enthusiasts. These LEDs come in "sunny white" and "golden white" tints, with no blue color to the beam. These LEDs are available in 5mm, 3mm, and 0603 SMD sizes.

Flashing Blinky Lights
Flashing Blinky Lights features light up products for holidays and everyday festivities. Our products include light up pins, pens, drinkware, rings, necklaces, and much, much more. FBL carries the widest selection of ready to ship flashing jewelry and light up products on the web. We add new products weekly to our site.
Custom lights are also available in just 3-4 weeks. Our products sell well at night-time sports events, trade shows, fairs, carnivals, swap-meets, parties, clubs, discos, street fairs and raves. Lighted products spark up the party and are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

How LEDs Work
a Javascript tutorial on the inner workings of LEDs.

Black Light LEDs
A web page discussing the use of near-ultraviolet LEDs in Halloween decorations.

D.E.'s UV LED/scorpion detection paper
D.E.'s paper on using 395nm UVA LEDs to detect scorpions and other arachnids.
IMPORTANT: Requires that you have Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader installed.
This file is 863K in size; please allow for plenty of load time if you're using a dial-up ISP.
A place where you can buy all kinds of small batteries, plus a number of small LED flashlights.
This is PK's (Paul Kim's) personal website. Features SureFire brand incandescent and LED flashlights owned by a number of different people, who's names may be familiar to you if you're a Candlepower Forums user.
Resellers of LED flashlights and other LED products.
Please note, this website is in German; please run it through the translation matrix of your choosing if you don't understand that language.

Aten Imago's review of the Longbow Mini
Aten Imago's review of the Vortex - TC2/TC1 LED Tac-Lite
Aten Imago's review of the Longbow Micra

Aerotech Projects
Makers of light emitting LED juggling balls, light emitting LED batons, and similar equipment.

Prolepsis' Flashlights
There are some pictures of interesting flashlights on this site.

KJ's Flashlight Gallery
If you like flashlights, you'll want to stop by this website. Features photographs of all the lights on his site, plus specifications and runtime analyses for some of them.

Flashlight Fan's Review Site
This site is in both Japanese and English. The English version is right here if you're interested or if you cannot read Japanese script-type characters.

Richard L. Hess Flashlight Page
Page with some flashlight recommendations on it. Also has useful links for you to follow.

Quickar Electronics
Used to be Mark Hannah Surplus - this is where you can get Luxeon Star LEDs among other things.

As of 04-07-06, I have been informed that somebody (name withheld) at Quickar Electronics has garbage mouth, potty mouth, toilet tongue, sewer mouth, sewer chute, etc., and has treated a customer *VERY* rudely. Purchase at your own risk.

John Trotto's LED Calculator (downloadable program)
This page features a fully programmable calculator for finding resistor values, converter efficiency, and other stuff. At the top of the page is a download link.

Mike's Electric Stuff
This site isn't about flashlights or LEDs, but if you like old electrical stuff like vaccum tubes, neon tubes, tesla coils, and the like; you'll love this site.

The Flashlight Museum
If you like flashlights, you need to visit this website.

Cone's Stuff
This website has flashlight reviews on it. There aren't too many yet, but they're quite good.
Click on the "Torches" link on the left to see them.

Sir-Kit Electronics LED Torch Page
On this British page you can find information on how to make 2- and 3-LED torches (flashlights) using "off the shelf" components you can probably find at Radio Shack, or buy right from Eddy himself.

Sean's Flashlight Site
A new website where LED and incandescent flashlights are reviewed. Sean has some outdoor shots that you won't find on other flashlight review websites.

The Hardware Maniac
A site that does computer reviews, but they have started reviewing flashlights too! So it's only fair the site gets on here.

The CIE Chromaticity Chart
This page contains a CIE Chromaticity Chart and explains what it all means.

Here are several more pages relating to the CIE chromaticity chart and color.

Elektrolumens Home Page
This man makes flashlights. He makes BRIGHT flashlights, using Nichia 5mm white LEDs and the relatively new, super bright Luxeon Star Power Light Source (1.2 watt only). Did I say he made REALLY FRICKIN' BRIGHT flashlights?

Don Klipstein's LED & Light Bulb Pages Updated
Lots of scientifically objective testing related to power output, wavelength, and efficiency of LEDs.
This site is a goldmine of info related to lighting in general, light bulbs, discharge lamps, and lasers.
Highly recommended.

Brock's LED Flashlight Links
Links to LED flashlight makers, useful test results, specifications, and reviews of many LED flashlights. He has handy charts for most of the lights he reviews, plus beam photos for many of them.
A bit spartan, but it is another review site that's well worth the click to get there.

The all-new Torch Review Site
Finally, the vaccume you've always wanted is here. Introducing the Bagless St... oh wait, wrong commercial!! This is the long-awaited rebirth of Chris Millinship's UK-based flashlight (torch) review site. Don't bang into the walls on the way in, or you'll get bright orange paint on your shirt.
Formerly ""
He also has information on LED modifications for existing flashlights.
Growing every week, and well worth the visit.

Equipped To Survive's LED Flashlight Reviews
Doug Ritter at Equipped To Survive reviews a lot of LED flashlights, and he takes them places I cannot.

Color-changing LED project
Look under "Things to make and do" for this project. Has schematics, ready-to-print PCB layout, and other info on how to make your own color-changing LED lite. Clive also likes to burn things and blow stuff up, as do a lot of us electronics freaks. :)

LED Information - very detailed info about the inner workings of LEDs.
The website is in German, so you will want to run it through a translation matrix if you don't speak the language. Several sites like Lycos, have realtime website translation available.

Dan's Data Flashlight Reviews
This is a website doing reviews of mostly computer hardware, but he's gotten his foot in the door in the LED flashlight racket as of late. Here are the five pages I've found with his flashlight reviews on them. They aren't indexed to a main flashlight review page, nor are they linked to one another, so all five URLs are available for you here.
Dan's Flashlight Reviews - Page 1
Dan's Flashlight Reviews - Page 2
Dan's Flashlight Reviews - Page 3
Dan's Flashlight Reviews - Page 4
Dan's Flashlight Reviews - Page 5

Kevin Horton's LED Whackiness
Make an RGB LED generate 256,000 colors, make an LED flasher that should blink until the Sun goes nova.
Kevin's set of electronics & video game console modifications pages can be found here. Things get blown to bits and blowtorched on this site, so be sure to look beyond the LED flasher page.

Resistors Without Tears
This very cool online LED resistor calculator does everything for you.
Punch in your LED voltage & current needs + your supply voltage, and out comes a resistor.
It even handles series & parallel circuits - but you'll need to do the adding before punching in the numbers. :)

Yet another LED resistor calculator
Another resistor calculator. This one shows example circuits of series-connected LEDs & resistors at several different voltages.

The LED Forum
BBS-style discussion group about LEDs.

WHITE 5500-6500K InGaN+phosphor 
ULTRAVIOLET 370-390nm GaN 
BLUE 430nm GaN+SiC
BLUE 450 and 473nm InGaN
BLUE Silicon Carbide
TURQUOISE 495-505nm InGaN
GREEN 525nm InGaN 
YELLOW-GREEN 555-575mn GaAsP & related
YELLOW 585-595nm
AMBER 595-605nm
ORANGE 605-620nm
ORANGISH-RED 620-635nm
RED 640-700nm
INFRARED 700-1300nm
True RGB Full Color LED
Spider (Pirrahna) LEDs
True violet (400-418nm) LEDs
Agilent Barracuda & Prometheus LEDs
Oddball & Miscellaneous LEDs
Where to buy these LEDs 
Links to other LED-related websites
The World's First Virtual LED Museum
The Punishment Zone - Where Flashlights Go to Die
Legal horse puckey, etc.

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