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Nemalux LED Lighting
A new, upstart manufacturer that offers a very wide range of LED luminaires & lamps -- many of them certified for use in hazardous environments where conventional (incandescent, fluorescent, HID, etc.) lighting is forbidden!

LEDTronics Clearance Sale Items
The LED light "bulbs" on this page are priced to move!!!
Get 'em while they're hot (the prices, not the bulbs themselves!)

Flashing LED Gifts & Toys
We are one of the LED flashing gadgets suppliers in China. We have 1000s of flashing gadget items in our LED series.
We own 2 factories in China mainland, and because we have been in this field for 9 years since 2003, we know this field very well and we are professional. OEM&ODM are accepted.

Modern Lighting Concepts
Stylish LED lighting applications for your home or office. We sell to end users and "to the trade" and can connect you with cost saving incentive programs.

Svet Soucastek - LEDs, etc.
Svet Soucastek - LEDs, etc. A China retailer of LEDs and LED products.

Lighting EVERŪ
Lighting EVERŪ offers high quality LED lighting. We design, manufacture and sell various kinds of LED bulbs and fixtures. Our mission is helping our customer save energy bills, enjoy better sense and green living. Lighting EVER is also a proud ENERGY STAR partner and offers ENERGY STAR qualified LED lighting.

Flashlight Heaven
A UK supplier of all kinds of flashlights, "red dot" firearm sights, laser sights, LED retrofit bulbs for flashlights, etc.

LED "Open" Signs for Your Small Business

LED Tape (yes, a different entity!!!)
Another UK-based supplier of LED tape.

LED Tape
LED Tape.

The LED Lighting Store
Helping you grow into the future with solid state of the art products.
They specialise in LED grow lights for plants; you can also purchase phototherapy devices (lights for SAD {Seasonal Affective Disorder}) here.

LEDs Super Bright
A place to buy a multitude of different LEDs and LED light bulbs.

LED Centre
A UK-based website where you can find all kinds of LED light bulbs, LED strips, 230 volt LED lighting, and other "green" products.

Full Spectrum Lighting
Ottlite is a leading and well known manufacturer and supplier of reading lamps, daylight lamps, HD lights, craft lights full spectrum lighting and other lighting sources for home and offices.

Where you can find LEDs in many shapes & sizes; including those hard-to-find multicolor and multipolar ones.

Enviromental LED
Fantastic selection of LED products can be found here!!!

They sell bright multi-LED flashlights, solar-powered devices, and many other "off-grid" products.

Sellers of...what else...super bright LEDs!
They also sell LED car and household bulbs, accent lighting, truck lights, and many other LED products.

Rave Stuff
Sellers of totally awesome "Raver's" LED products!

Hiline Exciting Lighting
RGB LED Flexible Strip.

DComponents Corp
An online store where you can find electronic components.
They have wireless solutions, power converters, UV LEDs, LED light engines, RJ connectors, adhesives, and more.

Every Flashlight from A to Z
An online store where you can find a very large selection of LED and incandescent flashlights.

Candlepower Forums-Friendly Retailers
A thread on CPF Marketplace that shows all dealers/retailers that offer CPF members a discount or other special treatment.

An online store where you can find a large selection of LED, HID, and incandescent flashlights, plus rechargeable flashlights and accessories for flashlights.

Kaleidoscope Designs
Where you can obtain plug-in and battery powered LED light bases (stages) for uplighting crystal, glass, acrylic, etc.

LED Center
Online LED product store in Hungary, selling spots, bars, bulbs and sets.

Plasma LED
Where you can buy LEDs and LED light bulbs.

Fenix Canada Inc.
Authorised Canadian reseller of Fenix brand LED flashlights.

Mallard Spring Northeast
Authorised reseller of Fenix brand LED flashlights.

Where you can get Fenix brand flashlights at great prices and with fantastic customer service.

Directional Systems LED Signs
Leading Provider of LED Signs.

BORDERLINE LED Lighting Products
Where you can buy LED assemblies to replace neon tubing, to illuminate channel letters for advertising signs, and entire signs made from LEDs.

Initial Lights
Another new retailer (UK-based) with high-quality LED flashlights, headlamps, bulbs, and nightlights for sale.

New retailer with lots of high-quality LED flashlights for sale.

Cool Flashlights
They have 100s of different flashlights and lanterns for sale that you will not find in your typical retail store. They have many different flashlights, LED lights, electric lanterns and hard to find lights.

LED Home Lighting
Where you can find loose LEDs, LED Arrays, LED Acrylic Ice Lights, LED bullet lights, LED Acrylic Strip bars in home LED recessed or flush mount lighting.

Retailer of quality LED flashlights and headlamps at low prices.

Retailers various kinds of LED flashlights and other LED products.

Retailers of Streamlight, Pelican, and SureFire LED flashlights.

A place that sells flashlights, including LED flashlights.

A place that sells various small to medium-sized LED flashlights.

A place where you can buy all kinds of small batteries, plus a number of small LED flashlights.

Tektite Mfg. Co.
You may already know them as makers of fantastic white LED flashlights, but now you can get bare white LEDs from them too.

Planet Black Feather
Planet Black Feather (Black Feather Electronics)
They offer, in addition to electronic components, various LED flashlights.

Reseller of LEDs. Reportedly bright and fairly priced.
You can also get some Luxeon Star LEDs and resistors here.

Coast Cutlery's LED Flashlights
Coast Cutlery's LED Flashlights
This retailer's LED flashlight page. Looks like they're selling LED-Lenser products here.

Longlight - home of Lightwave flashlights
Here's where the Lightwave brand of LED flashlights are born.

CAL-PAK Specialty LEDs
Retailer of LEDs, many with unusual case styles.

Retailers of LED headlamps - LED flashlights you can use hands-free.

Lighting and Electronic Design
Retailers of LED lighting products for theatre, commercial, residential, and safety applications.
Here's a handy table for voltage drop using large numbers of LEDs and differing wire gauges.

The Battery Station
Retailers of scooter & wheelchair batteries, batteries for your laptop computer, medical equipment, flashlight, etc. And you can get some LED flashlights here too.

Creative Lighting Concepts
At this site, you can get those elusive Sauce Lightwashers and other LED lights that can change colors.

ATA (Alternative Technologies Association)
Australians, you can go here to get your mitts on the Luxeon Star LEDs!!!
They also have high-flux "spider" LEDs and other energy conscious products.
Click on "ATAWebShop" or go to http://shops.bizarsoftware.com.au/ATAShop and pick LEDs off the left side in order to buy this stuff.
You can also get various LEDs on Lance's own website at http://www.ledsales.com.au.

IMPORTANT: ATA is good no matter where on the planet you live!
You don't need to be Australian to buy from this source. You can live in North America, Denmark, Africa, Turkey, Greece, Poland, South America, Italy, Iceland, etc. You get the idea. :-D

Marlin P. Jones & Associates
Order: 1-800-653-6733
Facsimile: 1-800-432-9937
Info: 1-561-848-8236
Distributors of various surplus electronics parts & assemblies, video cameras, soldering irons, connectors, tools, and more. They even have that elusive violet LED for $2.99.

Distributors of LED flashlights that fit in your pocket.
Inova, Gemlite, Princeton Tec, CMG, and others are represented.

White LEDs for less!
Paul Wilcoxson is back, and so are his inexpensive white Nichias.

LED flashlights & more!
Future Lights
Pointing the way to high quality LED flashlights, LED "bulbs" for home & business, and all kinds of industrial lighting products. An online store of their own is currently under development.

LEDs, LED flashlights up the wazoo, pre-mounted MicroStar LEDs, and much more
The LED Light - Lighting For the Future!
They have Tektite's Trek series lights, Expedition 300, 1400, and 1900 monster torches, convenient little PAL lights, Photon Micro Lights, Infinity lights, Arc flashlights, high gadget-factor Eternalights, the popular PLW-3, Lightwave 2000 and 4000, Batonlights, Pelican L1, CMG O4, Stylus, even the up and coming Photon Fusion! And there's much, much more.
See display ad on main page

Digital RGB LED Programmable Lighting Fixtures
Color Kinetics

LEDs, bulbs & arrays, LED flashlights

LED cabin & navigational lighting for marine applications. Ready-to-install and custom built fixtures.
Deep Creek Design

Color changing, rechargeable sculptural lighting - "control spires", bricks, spheres, etc. Plus lava lamps.

Color changing LED strips & screw-base bulbs
Boca Flasher

Highly focussed LED flashlights & flange-base PR replacement LED flashlight bulbs

LED brake lights
Brake Lite

LED flashlights, xenon strobes, Pelican cases, and Tebna camera bags
Eppe's Corner

LED flashlights & LED products

Another source for a lot of different LED flashlights
The Glow Bug

Infinity and Bonfire LED flashlights
CMG Equipment
Manufacturer of the Infinity Task Light, a tiny LED flashlight with 41 hours burn time on a single inexpensive, easy-to-replace "AA" battery! They also make the Bonfire, a tent light with 18 hours life on a set of "AA" batteries and the 04, one of the smallest and brightest lights made today.

Durable, tough, self-contained LED survival lights
HDS Systems, Inc
Makers of extremely tough-looking multiple LED light modules and survival lights.

Makers of the Photon Micro Light
LRI Industries
This is the home of the famous Photon Micro Light.
Tiny, super bright LED keychain flashlights in multiple colors.
They also make a UV Photon, the fully-digital Photon III, the RAV'N Party Light, and the all-new Fusion headlamp.

Blue SMD LEDs for cellphones.
They stock blue SMD LEDs in the 0603, 0805, and 1206 case sizes.
They perform installations, and offer help for do-it-yourself types.

LED Christmas lights - including blue, white, and a multicolor set that includes blue!
Forever Bright

LEDs with oddball wavelengths like 700nm, 740nm, 780nm, high-power array LEDs, laser diodes, and more.
Roithner Lasertechnik

White LEDs for less. A source for Nichia NSPW500BS and those elusive rectangular NSPWF50S.

Super bright T1 3/4 LEDs for less than $3.00
B.G. Micro
LED1044.......$2.95 - White LED - 5,600 mcd typ.
LED1050.......$2.95 - Green LED - 10,000 mcd typ.
LED1051.......$2.95 - Blue LED - 3,000 mcd typ.
LED1052.......$2.95 - Bluish Green LED - 20,800 mcd typ.

Bright red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, true-green, blue-green (turquoise), and blue LEDs
Hosfelt Electronics

Bright red, orange, yellow, super bright true-green, blue, and white LEDs
All Electronics Corp.
Or order toll-free at 1-800-826-5432

They now have their white and blue LEDs for LESS if you don't mind slight color variations from piece to piece.
The ad copy reads:
"High-brightness, wide viewing angle T1 3/4 (5mm) LEDs. Water-clear in off-state. These are good quality LEDs with some inconsistency in color. For consistent color, see our LED-48 and 58."
I have tested their LED-58, and found it to be a very nice, very bright blue LED with a nice wide viewing angle.

To save some money, try their "irregular" LEDs.
White, cat # LED-70, $3 each. 10 for $25, 100 for $200.
Blue, cat # LED-71. $2.75 each. 10 for $22.50, 100 for $175.
These should be identical to their LED-48 (white, $4 each) and LED-58 (blue, $3.75 each) but will have slight color variations. If this is acceptable, I'd go ahead and give them a try. Why not save a BUCK APIECE!

GaN+Sic (dimmer blue) LEDs and trimmer pots (a cheap way to adjust color on RGB LEDs):
Electronic Goldmine
You can buy 75Kohm trim pots (1 to 3 per LED needed on the RGB LEDs) for 25 cents each or 100 for $15.
They also have some 3mm blue LEDs for 69 cents apiece.
Note that these are the 430nm type, and aren't particularly bright. They compare well to Radio Shack's blue 430nm (#276-311) model.

Bright red, orange, yellow and yellow-green; medium-bright GaN on Sic 430nm blue LEDs
Radio Shack
You can also buy resistors, batteries, circuit boards, and other necessities here. Located in most cities & many towns.


Nemalux LED Lighting
A new, upstart manufacturer that offers a very wide range of LED luminaires & lamps -- many of them certified for use in hazardous environments where conventional (incandescent, fluorescent, HID, etc.) lighting is forbidden!

Signal-Tech LED Signs
Leading Manufacturer of LED Signs.

Joy Ocean Group (H.K.) Ltd.
Where you can find various LED products, such as light blubs, strip lighting, can lights, and other such articles. For bare LEDs themselves, go to this portion of their website.

Resellers of a lot of different LEDs and products made with LEDs.

Lighting Components LED Corp
White LEDs and other LED products.

Manshun International Ltd.
LED bulbs, flashlights, garden lights, and other lighting products.

LED Toilet Seats
Toilet seats with LEDs inside to illuminate your butt when you're going #2.

593.5nm Yellow DPSS Laser Pointers
Coming in mid-September 2004.

LEDs, resistors, and cable
Makers of a variety of colorful LED lamps.
They also custom-manufacture LEDs using whatever chip colors and outer casings you specify, including bi-color and tri-color styles.

Virtually All Colors in Wafer, Die & Packaged form are Available. Specializing in ZnSe Golden White LEDs by Supra (a joint venture of Procomp Informatics & SEI).

Procomp Informatics USA, Inc.
46559 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: (510) 413-1098
FAX: (510) 413-1099

NorLux hexagonal LED modules
Manufacturers of NorLux products; LED arrays with up to 130 lumens per LED.
They also make and sell a wide variety of other LED products, which can be found by entering their site through the front door: http://www.ledreps.com.

GaN LED lamps
Oriol, Inc.
Manufacturers of GaN LED products. Their "GigaBright" line is about ready to go into production; these parts ought to give Nichia a run for its money.

Packager of LEDs using Cree technology dice
ETG Inc.
ETG, INC is your one stop shop for LED technology. Some of their products include standard assemblies, LED traffic signals, LED custom clusters and bulbs, LED exit lights and small to large indoor and outdoor signs.

LED lamps & indicators
Data Display Products
Manufacturers of LED-based PCB- and panel-mount lamps, drop-in replacement LED light bulbs, and various other LED indicator products. Large product selection.

Distributors of the Luxeon Star LED, and makers of stock and customised driver circuitry for them
They also make custom optics packages for the Luxeon Star, plus ready-made and custom metal core PCBs & driver boards to run the LEDs from mains current and battery power. They even make a micro drive board suitable for making Luxeon Star flashlights out of. Custom arrays & clusters using various manufacturer's SMD LEDs are also made here.

Distributors and soon-to-be makers of various color LEDs, green lasers, and laser scanners
Red Line, Inc.
At these two sites, you can find LEDs in many bright, cheerful colors; plus green DPSS laser modules and the famous Beamscan series of laser projectors.
See display ad above

Wild & unique handmade, out-of-this world lighting, including LED
Another Planet Lighting
Sonoma County, California (No address provided)
(707) 887-9633
Makers of all kinds of wild and alien looking lighting fixtures, including those based completely on LED technology. Cool looking stuff.

LED lamps, LED and LCD displays
Excel Technology Intl. Corp.
Toll Free (866) 523-6833
Phone (908) 874-4747
Fax (908) 874-3278
Makers of LED lamps, LED displays, SMD LEDs, IR emitters and receivers as well as a full line of LCD displays (many of which have LED backlights)

LEDs, bulbs & arrays, LED flashlights
Makers of LEDs from one end of the spectrum to the other.
Makers of LED lamp bulb assemblies, LED flashlights, plus strobes and other safety equipment.
See display ad on main page

Blue-purple, blue, blue-green and green InGaN LEDs and LED dice
AXT Optoelectronics
Makers of 450nm through 540nm GaN / InGaN LEDs, LED dice, and wafer-level LED products.
Samples tested so far show unusually consistent and high-quality beams.

Optical fibers; side-glow, end-glow, fluorescent; and assorted LEDs to use with them.
Fiber Optic Products, Inc
Maker & reseller of various fiber optic products, fiber optic illuminators, fiber optic novelties, fixtures, connectors, discrete LEDs of several types, and tools for working with optical fiber cables. They also have electroluminescent "lightning wire" and small battery powered inverters to drive it with.

LED dice, lamps, and displays from ultraviolet to infrared.
Wilycon Co. LTD
Room 1203, 12/F., Mega Trade Center
1 Mei Wan St., Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong
Tel. (852) 2402-3689
Fax. (852) 2415-3613
Makers of a wide variety of LEDs across the spectrum and in all kinds of different packages, plus dice and wafer-level LED products.

Manufacturer of LEDs in blue, blue-green, green, and red with various case styles
Toyoda Gosei Co., LTD.
Phone:0567-46-2768 Facsimile:0567-46-2740
Address:710 Origuchi, Shimomiyake, Heiwa, Nakashima, Aichi, Japan 490-131
Request Info

Manufacturer of LEDs in white, green, blue, blue-green, true green, yellow, and red
ISP Co. Ltd (Korea)
Phone : 82-2-858-4762
FAX : 82-2-3283-4764

Address : D20-324 Yutongsanga,
984 Shihung 3-Dong,
Seoul, Korea #153-033 (Zip Code : 153-023)

E-mail : ispkorea@chollian.co.kr

Primary maker of super-bright white, lemon yellow, green, blue-green, blue, ultraviolet, and RGB (full-color) LEDs; plus directly-injected blue & violet laser diodes:
Nichia America Corporation
3000 Town Center Drive
Suite 660
Southfield, MI 48075
Tel. 248-352-6575

Specifications for their blue, green and white LEDs are at http://www.mesh.ne.jp/nichia/lamp-e.htm.
Straight to Nichia's primary website: http://www.nichia.com
Detroit sales office: detroit@nichia.com
Full listing of Nichia offices can be found at http://www.nichia.co.jp/refer-e.htm.

HP Sunpower LEDs, AutoLEDs, High-Flux LEDs
Hewlett-Packard / Agilent
Link to specifications and data sheets on HP's white LEDs
Link to sample quantities from HP
Link to Newark Electronics who supplies them also.

High-flux "spider" LEDs, Snap LEDs, Luxeon Star Power Light Source, automotive & traffic signal LEDs.
Lumileds (a joint venture of Agilent and Philips)
http://www.luxeon.com (Luxeon Star products)
http://www.lumileds.com (All other Lumileds products)

Lumileds Lighting, LLC
370 West Trimble Road
San Jose, CA 95131
Americas/Canada Toll Free Tel: 1-877-298-9455
Europe/Asia-Pacific Tel: 1-408-435-6044
Fax: 1-408-435-6855

Silicon carbide blue, plus displays, LED matrices, and many odd packages
Everlight Online
My attempts at contacting them have failed, however you may have better luck.

Ultra-bright 450nm blue chips, "Super Blue" 430nm chips.
Cree Corporation (Formerly Cree Research)
I also failed in an attempt to contact them regarding where I can find LEDs using their new chips. They did respond though to a question I asked several months earlier.


If you have samples or spare LED components, please consider sending some to this website for testing.
Anybody who's been to some of my other sites already knows I can't afford to buy things like LEDs, owing to a low, fixed disability income.

Please EMAIL ME for shipping address.

WHITE 5500-6500K InGaN+phosphor 
ULTRAVIOLET 370-390nm GaN 
BLUE 430nm GaN+SiC
BLUE 450 and 473nm InGaN
BLUE Silicon Carbide
TURQUOISE 495-505nm InGaN
GREEN 525nm InGaN 
YELLOW-GREEN 555-575mn GaAsP & related
YELLOW 585-595nm
AMBER 595-605nm
ORANGE 605-620nm
ORANGISH-RED 620-635nm
RED 640-700nm
INFRARED 700-1300nm
True RGB Full Color LED
Spider (Pirrahna) LEDs
True violet (400-418nm) LEDs
Agilent Barracuda & Prometheus LEDs
Oddball & Miscellaneous LEDs
Programmable RGB LED modules / fixtures
Where to buy these LEDs 
Links to other LED-related websites
The World's First Virtual LED Museum
The Punishment Zone - Where Flashlights Go to Die
Legal horse puckey, etc.
LEDSaurus (on-site LED Mini Mart)

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